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If you or a member of your family has suffered a serious burn injury that requires significant medical attention, you need experienced legal help to get you the financial compensation you deserve.

At the Columbia, South Carolina law firm of Popowski & Shirley, P.A., each of our attorneys has more than 20 years of legal experience with a strong focus on helping people with serious work or accident injuries. Contact us to learn more about how our experience and dedication can help you recover the money you deserve in your burn injury case.

Causes of Burn Injuries

We fight for fair compensation for burn injury victims who were injured in many types of accidents, including:

  • Work accidents such as on-the-job construction accidents and workplace explosions
  • Automobile accidents, including car and truck accidents
  • Explosions, including gas and oil explosions
  • Hot water/scalding accidents
  • Fire
  • Thermal burns from dangerous products

No matter what caused your burn injury, we know the right questions to ask to make sure that we demand the full amount of compensation for a work burn injury or a burn injury caused by someone else’s negligence.

Experience Working With Burn Centers and Experts

Our legal team works closely with the Augusta Burn Center and other local burn centers to get you the medical care you need for your serious burn injuries. We will even visit you in the hospital if you cannot come to the office.

We also work closely with burn injury experts. Your treating physician may need to testify to the treatment you received for your burn injury. Experts such as plastic surgeons can explain the cost of cosmetic repair and determine how much of your injury is permanent. Finally, a physiatrist can talk about the seriousness of your burn injury and your rehabilitation and testify to the degree (second or third) of the burn according to American Medical Association guidelines.

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