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Day Care & School Injuries

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Columbia Injury to a Child Attorneys

Parents trust schools and daycare providers to care for and protect children while they are working. Unfortunately, the very people we entrust our children to are sometimes the ones responsible for harming them.

Fighting for Injured Children and All of Our Children

The attorneys of Popowski & Shirley, P.A., have a reputation for holding those who harm children responsible for their actions. We are dedicated to obtaining financial compensation for our clients in cases involving school accidents and daycare injuries.


Our lawyers know that success for our clients who are children can lead to social changes that can protect many other children throughout our community.


If your child has been harmed because of negligence or criminal activity at a school or daycare, please call us at 803-799-2100 for a free consultation or contact us by e-mail.

We represent clients in cases involving:

  • Playground accidents and other school accidents
  • Day care injuries
  • Failure to supervise children
  • Unsafe premises
  • Inadequate security
  • Sexual abuse or molestation
  • Assault
  • Shaken baby syndrome
  • Defective products that harm children
  • Exposure to lead paint and other toxins

Making Those Who Harm or Abuse Children Pay

On one occasion, our attorneys represented the parents of a child who was sexually abused by a principal in an area school. When the girl was sent to the principal’s office for detention, he closed the door, blocked the window, and inappropriately touched the student. In addition to the financial recovery by the family, our attorneys effected change in the school district. The school developed a policy that all future administrators would not meet privately or behind completely closed doors with students.


When a daycare provider shook a baby so severely the child suffered brain damage, we not only obtained a financial judgment for the parents, we shut that daycare down.


If your child has been harmed at school or daycare, please contact our law office in Columbia, South Carolina, for the experienced legal advice and representation. The initial consultation is free and you will pay no up-front costs and no attorney’s fees at all unless we secure financial compensation in your daycare or school injury claim.

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